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    Backup Provider Software


    I did a search for this and saw a bunch of threads but most people all had the same suggestion which doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for.

    First, My company is a [Managed] service provider for various SMBs. More like setting up networks / domains/servers for customers and managing them as their IT Company. We don't host websites for customers, however we do have a quarter rack collocated for various needs.

    We've been going through other companies to do offsite backups for our customers, but it is becoming expensive for us especially when we can build the hardware and host it ourselves. The only problem comes down to what softwarwe we should use.

    Most people on these forums will Suggest R1Soft Idera, but after looking into it extensively it doesn't seem to be geared for our purposes. That is, it's meant more for backuping up local network servers and/or webhosting servers, not for backing up various servers across the internet. We need a backup service where the Agents initiate the connection to the manager. Idera has the manager initating the connection, which doesn't work for us as many customers don't have static IP's on their internet connection.

    Most of the servers we are backing up are domain controllers, file servers, Exchange servers. Occasionally an SQL Database. We need to be able to chose specific files to backup instead of the whole system, and things like System State, etc.

    Does anyone have experience with a software package that was created more for situations like ours that they could suggest?

    Apologies if I posted this in the wrong section.


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    Are you backing up all of these files manually or are the same files being uploaded every night, week, month? If it's all manual, which is what it sounds like, why not just buy a regular server with a ton of storage space and use scp or ftp?
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    It is not manual right now, we are using software through the company we are reselling, but it is expensive and using their storage space.

    We'd rather build our own storage hardware and use software that can, if needed, backup an entire server.

    All servers are windows. It needs to support backing up things like AD, System State, VSS, Exchange Mailbox and Store Levels, SQL Databases, etc. It should be able to do compression for uploading, incremental backups, etc. Need it to send emails with status reports, failures, etc.

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    Here are two packages I've heard of other MSPs using, they should be designed to do the types of Windows environment backups over WAN that you're looking for:

    Tranquil Hosting

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    here's a good one:
    Joman Sierra

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    I am not sure of all the features but check or unitrends.

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    Ahsay is made for this purpose and you can brand your client so your customers will think it's your product.

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