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    Thumbs up - Review

    Here is my honest opinion and review of Oplink's dedicated servers:

    I ordered 2 dedicated boxes from Oplink late at night on 12/19. Within 15 minutes, I heard form someone asking for a copy of my ID (this was midnight.) I immediately responded and received a thank you in minutes and a setup ETA by 4PM on 12/20.

    At 2:40PM on 12/20, my servers were setup exactly to spec and I was contacted by them again to verify that everything was good to go.

    I am hosting several heavy duty sites (video streaming, etc.) and I have been using my boxes non-stop since delivery without any issues at all. My port is an unmetered, 100mbit and it is consistently pulling down the desired speed. They also offer SSD drives which has helped my I/O tremendously.

    I'm one week in and have not had a need to contact support, but I can only imagine that they will respond as fast and as friendly as they have so far.

    I would recommend Oplink to anyone looking for a good deal and a great machine.
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    This looks like a good review from oplink, do keep us posted on how you get on in the near future.

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    There support Is ok I was a customer of them when they first launched. There internet was horrible to the box max upload like 200k and I upload from my home connection i get 1.5mbps upload. And they said no no it's not the hardware and after awhile they saw that I was right they were kind of ******** in the beginning but at the end they said we upgraded the connections across the board give us another try ? I did and it's way better now. I do not have the server anymore but when I did it was great. This is not a bashing review by any means, Ryan @oplink is great!

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    Oplink is indeed a great provider.

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