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    When does auto renewal occur

    If you use the auto renewal system provided by your registrar when does the auto renewal occur? On the day of expiration? 1 day before? 30 days before? Also is it standardized or will it vary from registrar to registrar? If it varies what is your registrars time frame? What is considered standard?

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    It varies by registrar. Dotster is 2 weeks prior to expiry, and at NameCheap: "The system will attempt to renew your domain 30 days prior to its expiration. If you have no funds in your Namecheap account balance or no money on your credit-card, the renewal will not come through. Still the system will try renewing your domain every 24 hours until the renewal is successful."

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    Since is varies is there a time frame that is considered standard?

    I am not using the auto renew feature of the registrar I have a reseller account though because I am not using their billing system so I have to make sure I can charge my customer first before renewing. My plan is to just have a nightly cron that will find all domains within the time frame that my customer has asked to be auto renewed, attempt to charge the customer then renew is the charge is successful so I am curious as to what time frame I should do this in.

    Also on a somewhat related front I was considering the idea of selling a renewal guarantee of sorts. When you register the domain you can get the renewal guarantee for a extra couple of dollars or so. What it would do is we would still renew the domain for the customer if they purchased the renewal guarantee but we were unable to bill them. We would renew if for 1 year, the customer would have 6 months to fix the billing issues or we could sell off the domain or just park it for ad revenue at our discretion.

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    My last renewal was only last week, i was told if i wanted to cancel i had to do so at least 7days prior to the expiry date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan524 View Post
    Since is varies is there a time frame that is considered standard?
    Currently, nope. Just offer what you can afford, and make that clear to your customers.

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