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    DDoS Mitigation Company zbode’s Services Now Includes Web Assurance

    Web Assurance is a Safe, Secure, and Powerful Way to Defend Websites and Applications from Malicious Attacks and Hackers

    zbode, a leading provider of protected hosting solutions and security-based professional services, recently announced the launch of Web Assurance, its newest security solution. Web Assurance is a safe, trusted, and secure way to protect sites and applications from malicious attacks and hackers.

    The security solution is available in three versions: Web Assurance and Web Assurance+, as well as Web Assurance with DDoS protection. The firewalls both offer users easy access to a number of useful features. At this time, Web Assurance’s key capabilities include antivirus, antimalware, daily protection updates, bot protection, SQL injections, cross site scripting (XSS), remote file inclusions, and SSL compatibility. Web Assurance offers additional components such as load balancing acceleration, and custom rules. Web Assurance with DDoS protection defends websites against all attack traffic using first-rate protection.

    zbode’s commitment to offering professional DDoS mitigation services is well known in the industry. The company’s DDoS protection is a tailored solution that can block spammers, robots, scrapers, hackers, and DDoS attacks.

    “We are proud to have developed a product that protects against all of the OWASP top 10 threats and stops DDoS with anti DDoS,” said John Larsen, the Chief Executive Officer of zbode. “A recent Gartner study revealed that 25 percent of DDoS attacks are application based. Our mission is to help websites protect their content and their visitors, and through Web Assurance, we are confident that we achieved that goal.”

    The security solutions can be deployed within minutes, and zbode’s team is always standing by to offer support.

    To learn more, individuals can visit the company's website at
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