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    [US/EU] StableHost -> 30% OFF!! - Litespeed/cPanel/Softaculous/Free Site Transfer

    STABLEHOST.COM - Offering Shared Hosting in US (Phoenix) and Europe (Amsterdam)


    US / Europe Reseller Hosting: Coupon code: LOVESTABLEHOST -- 30% OFF YOUR FIRST INVOICE (Any payment plan)


    With hundreds of web hosting companies out there, how can you decide which one is best for you?

    The truth about WebHostingTalk:

    - The majority of web hosting companies go out of business within 6 months. Don't believe us? Check it out yourself.
    - The majority of web hosting companies don't offer REAL 24/7 support, even though they do advertise it.
    - The majority of web hosting companies are started to become rich, and once they realize it's near impossible, sell their company (see point 1)

    How StableHost is different from the majority of web hosting companies:

    - StableHost gives you the choice to chose where you want your shared hosting, US and Europe are the same price!
    - StableHost offers REAL 24/7 support.
    - StableHost offers many additional add-ons including Softaculous and RV Site Builder.
    - StableHost has been a profitable company since the beginning.
    - StableHost is trusted by thousands of customers See proof!
    - People love us!

    Still don't believe us? Shame on you Read some of our reviews from WebHostingTalk members, such as yourself:

    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    WHT StableHost Review
    Over 100+ WHT StableHost Reviews

    You can also view over 140+ StableHost reviews over at RateLobby

    Ready to switch your website for the very last time?

    Reseller Basic - $9.95/m
    10GB Hard Drive Space
    200GB Bandwidth
    Up to 10 Customers

    Reseller - $19.95/month
    20GB Hard Drive Space
    500GB Bandwidth
    Up to 50 customers

    Reseller Plus - $29.95/month
    40GB Hard Drive Space
    1000GB Bandwidth
    Unlimited Customers

    Lastly, if you are still not convinced we are right for you, lets talk about our machine specs that we own.

    CPU: Dual Intel E5-2630
    Memory: 32 Gigs
    Hard Drives: 4 x 600G 15k SAS Drives (RAID-10)

    We guarantee that your website will be faster then any other provider you have ever had or we will refund your purchase price.

    If you have any questions before signing up, please open up a ticket with our sales team.

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    I rate Stablehost A+

    I have a shared hosting account and also for another client an enterprise account.

    Since I do a lot of specialized back end programming, I'm able to encounter some pretty sophisticated problems which the support staff is quick to sleuth out for me.

    I've found their support quick and INTELLIGENT. (Not always the case with the other hosts I'm on.)

    Stablehost tells you up front about disk and CPU limits on the various accounts. For my shared hosting, this would make you think that going with an "unlimited" account might be better. But let me tell you - no "unlimited" account is really unlimited and what happens is that one day, they shut you down. Stablehost doesn't do this.

    For the enterprise client, I needed a lot more because it is a very popular site and Stablehost has done a very good job. So I've got double the usual CPU power. When the Cuban government launched a DDOS attack on us, Stablehost notified us before we even were aware and totally took care of the problem - moving us and having us back up quickly.

    So overall I'd give them an A+ (with the caveat that their disk space and CPU limits make them ard to compare exactly)

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