AdminGeekZ provides Linux Server Management services to clients all around the world. Our dedicated team can provide remote server administration services to fit any budget, and we can scale management solutions to your needs. Our services include,

Linux Server Management
LAMP Performance Optimization
vBulletin Performance
Infrastructure Management
Cloud Infrastructure Management
Configuration Management
Social Network Application Performance Tuning
Disaster Recovery
Backup Planning, Implementation, Testing and Monitoring

Do you frequently have outages, slowness or problems? Find yourself having to continually reboot or upgrade your systems? Have to report problems to your provider? Have fast response times but slow resolution times? Do you have to get "escalated" through support levels? Contact AdminGeekZ today to eliminate all of these issues.

Some examples of services we can provide,

If you run an e-commerce business, What would happen if your payment API/Gateway was down/not responding, would your present provider know? Have you planned for this eventuality? How would it effect your business and ability to take orders?

If you run a forum/blog, What would happen if an administrator/moderator account was compromised and all/large portions of your data was deleted? Would you have adequate backups to deal with this? What if you are away for the weekend or don't notice for 48 hours? Would you be able to recover from backups?

If you run a facebook application, do you really have the capacity , knowledge and resources to deal with an increase in traffic? Do you know the cause of performance problems?

If you run a file sharing website, do you have the right balance of raw capacity vs performance? Are you able to cope with bandwidth usage?

If you run an ad network, Do your ads load within 1 second? What if a customer needs to add another 100 million impressions? How fast can you scale up for this? Do your monitor conversion rates, landing pages or partner networks?

No matter what type of business you run, AdminGeekZ can provide a solution to your infrastructure, server and management needs.

Recent highlights of work carried out,

- We recently engineered a solution for a file sharing application to take advantage of providers bandwidth offerings per server by introducing/removing systems from rotation based on present usage. This drastically lowered costs , improved performance and lowered system management requirements.

- We recently introduced a full, in memory, static html page cache for guests on a vBulletin forum to deal with a temporary extreme spike in traffic when no extra server capacity would be available for another 48 hours.

- We recently engineered a solution to allow a customer to take snapshots of their MongoDB installations to allow for data security, faster recovery times using a mixture of LVM and Replica Slave.

- We recently planned, implemented and deployed a full configuration management system using puppet for a large web host allowing for automated deployment of new systems, consistent configurations across the fleet and reduced support load due to having consistent configurations, saving hundreds of man hours per year.

- We recently engineered a solution for a directory indexing service which improved a performance, uptime and lowered their hardware costs by implementing a designing, building and implementing a new search solution based on sphinx for their application.

Contact us today for a solution.

We do not have fixed packages, we build solutions for each customer. From server deployment to performance optimization to monitoring.

We provide ourselves on providing an excellent service, providing customers with a better platform for their business, lowering costs on unneeded hardware and educating customers on good and bad practices. We cover the entire LAMP stack, Infrastructure budgeting and planning to backups and disaster recovery and can provide any a vast array of services, just contact us.

Monthly Administration starts at $300/month for the first server with $150/month for each additional server on per server billing. We offer lots of fixed rates for large cloud deployments, Contact us for an exact quote)
One time / Hourly work is billed at $100/hour

You can contact us today at,

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