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    Wink Win a 3GB Dedicated Core VPS Gigabit - If someone can do this strange Walk !


    I really liked this penguin walk thing this kid is doing.
    And it appears its nearly impossible to do it. How swiftly he does it and the way he moves is not possible normally.

    See the Penguin Walk Here.

    Dr Server/Abusive Cores has put down a challenge....over here....

    So if you do it - You can get their SOLD OUT abusive core super plan - This is a server you can abuse by even doing 100% usage of CPU all day - Thats the best stuff - pure SSD storage and 1 TB BW, more than what you will need. Really superb offer.

    Thanks to drserver.

    Have fun guys ! I hope someone is able to mimic it.

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    Should be in the VPS Section, I hope admin can move it to the VPS Section please.

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