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    Mail hosting without Webhosting

    My question is a little bit general.
    I have a customer which currently developing a e-commerce system for him. We decide to use amazon ec2. Then in a meeting he offered to collect his all websites,blogs,portals on amazon ec2 (some of them php, some of them .net)

    As you know amazon offer servers not hosting enviorenment. I will simply change dns to point amazon ip. But I am a little bit confused. I will migrate all websites to server under amazon aws but how about emails? How can I host emails? Can I host email on another server without have any hosting environment? If so what is the best option? As i searched their price is 2.5-5 dolars per user per month, in this situation for 10-12 accounts and 50 email accounts it is too much money.

    My question is simple : What is technical guide for this? Is my domain name registration settings enough to deal with email hosting? What is the best way to host multiple domain emails?

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by gandil View Post
    Is my domain name registration settings enough to deal with email hosting?
    If by that you mean the DNS settings you use at your registrar (if you're using them for DNS) then yes, it's as simple as creating one or more "MX" records to point to wherever your mail is being served, be it wherever your domain is hosted, Googlemail, 1 or more stand-alone mail servers, etc.

    Your mail is not tied to your domain hosting. There are many cases where they're hosted separately (particularly for businesses) and good reasons for doing so.
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    You could basically provide email hosting from any hosting account which provides email functions. Just mail sure the MX records points to such hosting account and A records point to the actual website location (Webserver). Thats all you need to make this work.
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