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    Varcoedesign - Available for work! Professional Web Design, Wordpress, Coding & more!

    When I didn't own a web hosting company I would not even consider a hosting provider with out a unique / up to "design standards" website, mainly because I figure if a business can't afford a nice website than whos to say they have good hosting? It sucks because this may not always be the case but that's just how it is, and ALOT of people think this way as well.

    Your website is the first thing your customer sees before they order your services, don't you want to give a good first impression!? It's like going to a business meeting wearing a dirty t shirt and ripped up jeans, which I doubt any professional business man would do!

    Yeah I know, I'm a bad sales person so I just let my work speak for itself! Make sure you checkout my portfolio..

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
    I'm holding a few small discounts / deals for the next 2 customers who hire me for a website package

    View my portfolio:
    *Click item to view a large preview + More examples available on request (as well as coded examples)

    Custom Website Design
    HTML 5 + CSS Coding
    Wordpress Integrations
    WHMCS / Hostbill / Blesta Integration
    Custom WHMCS Theme Design + Integration
    Responsive HTML 5 + CSS Coding
    Search Engine Optimization
    And more.. If you have a project that needs a service not listed above, it doesnt hurt to ask!

    I require 50% upfront and the other 50% upon completion of your project. Payments are made through PayPal. Please have a reasonable budget when contacting me.
    * Payment terms may vary depending on the size of your project.

    Skype: Varcoedesign
    Email: [email protected]
    Other: You can send me a message on WHT, or use the contact form on my website.

    Once the project is completed and client has paid in full, he/she will have FULL rights to do whatever they wish with the files, including resell rights.

    1. Radiant Solutions
    2. Dedi Spec
    3. Cloudrck
    4. Jonchun
    5. EksoHost
    6. GVH-Jon
    7. httpCORE
    8. Darthkatz

    To begin your project or request a quote you can contact me using any contact method listed above,
    or by clicking here.
    Varcoedesign - Beautiful Designs, Effective Coding, Fast Turnaround, Great Pricing! Make your website one that you and your customers will love!

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    Added you in Skype, hope to hear from you soon

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    Do you do responsive design which will work with all devices (desktop, tablet, phone)?

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