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  1. #1 Opened a ticket 7 days ago. Not a single response.

    Burst staff,

    I've opened a ticket on December 18th, with a simple question.

    Can someone answer?

    Ticket #MCV-469-49661

    Hoping this time nobody reboots it. It wasnt a reboot request!

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    Mistake # 1 - You're with BURST.NET

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    I wonder if the ticket has been reassigned and they just haven't told you? Waiting 7 days for an initial response to a new ticket is not good enough.
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    What kind of problem you are having? From what I understand, they are unmanaged host and you are on your own.
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    even for a un managed host in 7 days someone should have replied go take care of it yourself or something similar

    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    What kind of problem you are having? From what I understand, they are unmanaged host and you are on your own.

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    Sometimes tickets are lost. If I were you I would not be waiting for so long term and created new ticket opr call them or use livechat option is exists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VolKozak11 View Post
    Sometimes tickets are lost.
    A good provider will never lose your tickets. If this happens, I think it is a sign of the terrible organization of work within the company.

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