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    Christmas of 2013 and that of child hood, compare.

    Wht mates, merry christmas to all. Can you share your child hood christmas memories? For sure that will be great times.
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    Back then we use to get mechanical toys now in days there is only toys that run of some type of electric weather it's battery powered or powered by outlet all toys these days must make noise or give off light if not no child will play or want it.

    The toys back then where much more better than now. Now in days they have nothing but toy guns which shot darts and all that is crazy . So many toys these days parents don't even know what their child wants or what should they surprise them with z

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    The biggest one that comes to mind was when I was younger, I had a broke ankle right. I had just got out of the shower Christmas morning, I slipped and fell, and busted my face right across the metal rail that the sliding doors are on. Long story short, broke my nose and had 3 layers of stitches. What a rough Christmas that was.

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    My Christmas days are much the same as when I was growing up. Sadly a few people can't be here to share (they are there in spirit), but the offspring have all reproduced and as many of us as possible still get together and enjoy lots of laughs and companionship
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    Personally i don't like Christmas, think its a waste of money for spoiled Children. It is an excuse to get even more drunk than normal but

    - Alexander
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    Quote Originally Posted by HostUS - Alexander View Post
    Personally i don't like Christmas, think its a waste of money for spoiled Children. It is an excuse to get even more drunk than normal but

    - Alexander
    You're telling me. You should have seen all the posts about what kids these days didn't get compared to what they actually got.

    Kids like theses infuriate me.

    But overall, I got a cork collector, new house shows, a new sweater and a koozie for my beers. Cheers!
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