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    VPS Server Question

    Hi, I have a Vps and I have interworx which uses qmail and I am having an issue apparently there is a queue of 500k mail items and it is stopping the vps/slowing it. I have stopped the mail server but Whe I go into interworx to load the mail queue page it is taking forever to load. I also looked up the ssh commands for qmail and tried them but it always said b dash no such directory. What Can I do To clear the queue. The sites that are on it are mainly static and I think i got an issue when I was allocated two ips and one still has a domain pointed to the ip and i got a malware report within 24 hours of getting the ip which i only have local clients on the server that dont use alot of space and memory. Does anyone know how I can use ssh to clear the mail queue. It is making my cpu load go very high.

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    There are a couple of tools for analyzing the queue and clearing the queue. I would recommend the following ones:

    - http: //
    - http: //

    You need to should done qmail-send before removing mails from the queue.

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    +1 for the tools mentioned in the previous post by UltraVPS.
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