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    I tried to search the forums for opinions on web hosting but could not find any. Only opinions on domain hosting. Anyway, I am moving my domains hosting to and I want to have also the web hosting there so that I can have everything in one place. My sites are really small and does not have any requirements for storage or load. Only requirements is to be up and running. Currently I use MediaLayer for web hosting and I am so happy with their near 100% up time. But they are a bit expensive and I cannot edit my sites via web interface only via FTP, which is a problem for me as the company firewall does not allow ftp.

    Any opinions on web hosting for small sites is very welcome.


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    I have done some search for you and here is what you can find here in the forum:

    I hope this helps.

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    Check the web hosting offers section there are a lot of hosts that post great offers there to the public.

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    Never using hosting from a registrar*. It's always a "me too" offering.

    * Namecheap is the sole exception to this rule.
    || Need a good host?
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    They are owned by - you can also search for reviews using Google as WHT is not the only place for reviews

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