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Thread: need help

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    need help

    hi every one
    i need big help
    i have one domain name and this domain name isn't big special

    one company contact my to but this domain and he offer big offer, more than 10,000$

    but he want my to make domain appraisals
    and he suggest site like
    to make appraisal
    and but my domain for sell in this site
    it all cost 100 euro

    i'm afraid that this is scam ?????

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    It's a likely scam, you're right to suspect it. Most likely they're not interested in the name, but instead are part of the appraisal website (whose name is infringing on ICANN to lend credibility, and created this November), and are trying to get you to purchase that appraisal only. You buy, it's far lower, they back out.

    I'd respond with something like "Since you're willing to make an offer of $10K, I accept, and we can arrange a deal though an escrow site for the sale. No need for an appraisal, since you already made an offer I feel is fair for this domain.".
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