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    Network issue centos 6.5

    HI there,

    I'm using SolusVM and KVM technology is installed.
    My guest OS is ubuntu and it has network problem.

    Here is the problem when I want to restart network:
    /etc/inid.d/networking restart 
    RTNETLINK answers: File exists
    Failed bring up eth0
    SolusmVM Said that
    "There is some network issues in the centos 6.5 OS. So please revert it back to centos 6.4 OS in the server to fix the issue."

    Any Idea or better solutions ?

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    Downgrade to CentOS 6.4? yeah right..

    Can you post the output of "ifconfig", or can you tell us if you have a loopback (lo) device listed there, or noehting at all?

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    No I didn't upgrade. I would like to fix issue in current OS.
    I have a loopback (lo) device listed in ifconfig.

    Also we have problem with ubuntu only. another VM which using centos are working fine.

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