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    Hiring someone to trouble shoot my server.


    I own a Linux / Ubuntu 13.04 that has recently went unresponsive on me. I wouldn't be here except I'm on vacation and do not have computer access to trouble shoot these problems myself. The server is currently loaded in recovery mode. I am looking to hire somoone to trouble shoot and get my server back up and running asap. My server runs a mimecraft server with multicraft control pannel on there.

    Please email me: [email protected] if you can help me out. Also give me an estimate on what it will cost.

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    Check your email. Il look @ it for free.

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    Please drop an email to tuxandrew[at]aol[dot].com so that I can check this for you.

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    Hi, we can do this for you. We have more then 9 years of experience. You can contact us via Skype LayerHosting, email sales[at]layersolutions(dot)net, or live chat on our website Thanks
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    Hi bt1996.

    Feel free to PM me with your contact details.

    I can look into your issue and fix it if it's possible Cost can very, it will not be much.

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    We are interested in this.

    You can contact us in Skype or via the livechat facility in our website

    Our skype id is logic.meeting

    Awaiting your response. - the name says it all!
    Managed Cloud Servers
    Server Management and Monitoring
    24x7 outsourced customer support

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    I can help you with troubleshooting server and getting issue resolved

    contact me on skype : ashishamre2008

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