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    * Cron job limitations for auto-backup on reseller account?

    My current host do not allow me to run cron jobs (daily/weekly schedule)for auto-backup of some of my clients sites.
    So I just want to know from all you people, whether or not all host impose such a important functionality if you have a reseller account with them.
    I'd appreciate if you share your experience here...
    It will be great if you'd also share your method of managing backups of your websites...
    Thank you!

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    Usually on reseller accounts yes from my personal experience, it's probably because you do not have root access to the server. I believe a member on here runs a remote backup service called Site Auto Backup, however remember that this is remote so security should be considered.
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    1,473 may want to search for a different host that allows that function.
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    Do you mean that the host is limiting how often you can run a from job that creates backups, or the host doesn't provide a script/feature to automatically backup the sites on a regular basis?

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    @whatever7276 it is definitely unusual for a provider to disable daily/weekly cron jobs, I've seen hosts that disable every minute or every five minute crons, but from every 15 minutes on there are generally no restrictions.

    I'm sure that most of the reputable hosts on WHT are not doing this. StableHost and HawkHost are a couple of providers that I know do not enforce restrictions like this. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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