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    full time: linux system administrator (Germany / Munich)

    Looking for full time linux admin in Germany / Munich.

    Please contact us by mail for more information.

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    And what is the email address

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    Moscow, Russia

    Do you mean work in your office (in Germany) or you also accept working Dedicated (without physical presence)?

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    I'm Interested .. What is the email ID to contact ..

    Do u provide Work visa for Relocation from India to Germany ???

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    Well if all of you "sysadmins" had read his signature.... wht (a)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vex76 View Post
    Well if all of you "sysadmins" had read his signature.... wht (a)
    Yup i read even before i replied the above post .

    thing was it is in German also even after i tried google translate i found that there is no mail id in their contact page

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    Erm you can find their e-mail address in @Handtake_GmbH's signature (wht[at] and in their imprint too (info[at] I guess they would appreciate you being just a bit proactive if you want to apply for their job offer.
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    thanks and sry i missed reading wht at ., i read only ,link and saw contcat page

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    Will call on the next work day.

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    Because of many questions:
    * work only on site in Munich / Germany. No remote-work possible.

    * for contact details please check our signature

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