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    * Alternative to DNSmadeeasy


    I'm looking for an alternative to DNS made easy.
    I'm hosting 1 domain with <300.000 queries per month in the last year.
    My requirements:

    • I want to be able to use geoIP(use my server in the U.S.A for American visitors and my server in The Netherlands for the rest of the world)
    • I want to use the above setup for redundancy as well, so if one server go's down the other can take over.

    I don't want to spend more than a 100 euro per year on this.
    It would be great if the nameservers had anycast for performance reasons

    Does anyone know a provider which complies with the above?
    I've only found, but I'm not sure if these features are available on their personal managed DNS.

    Here is why I want to switch:
    I've been a happy customer of DNS made easy for a few months now, but yesterday I unchecked one of my GTD's(global traffic directors) because I wanted to use it to a different domain.

    I used to have 2 GTD's but now I only have one left because of this.

    I also wanted to place an order for the Automatic DNS Failover & System Monitoring but apparently I can't because I have 1 GTD in use of the 0 which I own

    I contacted DNS made easy, and they told me they couldn't find any records as to why I had 2 GTD's.
    And when I asked them to allow me to place the order for the Automatic DNS Failover & System Monitoring they told me I would have to disable my other GTD so that I can place the order and that if I wanted to continue using the GTD I have to pay $660 per year..

    According to them I had access to the GTD as a trail, but my trail period has ended months ago and I was still able to use them.
    I don't have the budget to pay $660 for this and I don't see a reason as to why it would be so expensive.
    It simply allows me to have a different A record for a few regionally divided groups of their nameservers.

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    Have you looked at Amazons route 53?

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    No I didn't knew Amazon had their own DNS services.
    Can I use the geoip with my servers which are not with Amazon?

    I see they use "zone's" is that similar to a domain?

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    Try rage4 dns services,they are small company than DNSmadeeasy,but works fine

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    I tried rage4, it's nice that they are free for the first 200.000 queries.

    But I went with Amazon instead, their DNS anycast network seems to work better at this time.

    But I'll definitely keep an eye out for rage4, they look promising.

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    DNS Made Easy charges for their GTD services. They do charge a nominal fee compared to services like UltraDNS and Dyn but it is not free. You should have always paid for GTD. If you did not then you asked for a trial and they manually never charged you for it. I would consider it a gift that you had it that long for free and look for a solution elsewhere if you are not happy with the pricing.

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    i still use since years without any problems. no limit on queries and you can use vanity names too.
    I watch them since about 1 year via pingdom, no outage since that time ...
    4 dns in us, 1 in uk.

    support is a bit slow but i rarely need it...

    there's also, but they are too expensive in my eyes and they seem to have some outages when you read through their blog ...

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