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    * hetzner and server4you DDoS protection company list

    i have dedicated server in server4you and hetzner and they dont suport any DDoS attacks as i know, this 2 company is the best i think for dedicated server cheap cost but they have some problems too (in 1 year i lost 2 times HDD hard drive in server4you) company and they dont know why too ))

    for the block/stop DDoS which company i can use from this list?

    someone work with one of them? what advice?

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    you forgot Black Lotus. also Staminus is good too.

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    I agree. If you are looking to host something extremely volatile and you can't afford any downtime, take Staminus. While they are fairly expensive, you get what you pay for. Blacklotus also works but I haven't heard how well their network holds up.

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    as a customer of both Staminus and Black Lotus, i confirm their jobs, stable network and great hardwares, superior support.

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    If you are looking to protect game servers, HyperFilter has a great know how on this area, not to mention their systems are optimized for low latency applications (generally game servers). But the other companies you mentioned also have a good reputation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Genius Guard View Post
    as a customer of both Staminus and Black Lotus, i confirm their jobs, stable network and great hardwares, superior support.
    For web hosting yes, for low latency game hosting no.

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    If you want to protect a server in Europe, I'd rather have a look at Voxility, although their filtering isn't the most accurate one without any additional mitigation hardware.
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    I've had bad experiences with Black Lotus. However, I can recommend Staminus. I've been using them for DDOS mitigation since July and haven't looked back. They've held up against any attack I have received unless it's absurdly over my limit.

    Edit: Figured I'd should add I use them for both game server and website protection. They are the best. Black lotus and the rest are full of BS.
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