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    Host Name


    I got few VPS orders. Some of people did not mention the complete host name. They gave as fallows


    Are they spammers ? Please help me .

  2. Did you run a Fraud Check on them? MaxMind or the like?
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    It's very possible that they just misunderstood what the hostname was supposed to be (or that they wanted the server to be called "love"). As the previous poster said though, you should definitely run it through MaxMind or some other fraud check and verify that all the information they provided is accurate/checks out.

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    Request the FQDN from the client, see what they respond with. Run your fraud checks, phone verifications, compare the domains with WHOIS, etc.. If they're brand new domains (within the last 48 hours) there's a pretty strong chance these will be used for unsavory practices. Use your best judgment, if the replies are shady, likely the customer is too.
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    You can contact the buyer and ask him for complete / valid hostname.
    Also, mention a link from your knowledgebase explaining hostname / format.
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    you can place a test hostname under its text box in order form, so the buyer can understand what enter.

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    Ask them FQDN.

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    Thanks for all replys.

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