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    Question rDNS Appending Zone Name

    We recently had our network provider transfer control of rDNS for some of our IPv4 subnets to our DNS servers (running Bind with ISPConfig). The delegation worked, but I've noticed that the zone name is appended onto the records.

    Our BIND zone file looks like this for each IP in our range:
    1 86400      PTR
    10 86400      PTR
    100 86400      PTR
    But the records ends up as
    Code: (
    Any suggestions on setting up our servers so the zone name ( isnt appended onto all the records?

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    Is that /24 block?

    If not, your config is wrong.

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    It is a /24 block.

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    Put a dot (".") at the end of each PTR line.

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