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    Offering Standalone Email Services. Is it worth it?

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of setting up a web hosting business in a cloud environment. I contemplated offering a stand alone email service f individuals but wondering is this a viable option with companies like Google offering email with 7GB for free.

    I am also thinking of offering a mini exchange server aimed at small businesses. I realize this would involve a lot of market research, advertising and meeting company owners/managers.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    There are other e-mail providers doing fine even with the "threat" of Gmail. You'd have to target the markets that can't use Gmail, don't want to use Gmail, or don't know about Gmail.

    For example, I personally have used 3rd party e-mail services for mass newsletter mailings. It's sometimes easier and more cost-effective to use a third party service for things that I only have to do on rare circumstances.

    While MS Exchange is still huge in the business world, a lot of companies host an Exchange server themselves. No matter what niche you start in, it's going to require a lot of market research and marketing, so if you're willing to put in the time and effort, it shouldn't deter you from a particular market.
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    Are you running any hosting services now and succeed ?
    If not, and you only provide email hosting and dedicated to it then I'd suggest that you must have at least holds some orders already to do it, otherwise I think u will find you are wasting time to give your money away to some cloud service provider.

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    You should first realize / analyze / think through if your email service will be superior to Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

    Emails are cheap I can't imagine doing substantial money from it. Don't go there unless is something truly revolutionary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HRR1963 View Post
    Emails are cheap I can't imagine doing substantial money from it. Don't go there unless is something truly revolutionary.
    True emails are cheap, but the level of support you need to provide is tiny compared to web hosting.

    Emails only (+domain) customers open much less tickets than web hosting's customers.

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    To be honest while I was reading your initial post in this thread I wanted to admit that there is something new you would like to offer.
    But no one will be able to tell you upfront if that is going to work or will be viable at all.
    Only time will tell.
    Merry Xmas!

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    Thanks for the advice guys. A may give the mini exchange server some more thought and reading.

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    We did not find much demand for dedicated email hosting and decided to discontinue such a service.
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    There's a good market niche for very specialized dedicated email server hosting. For example, in the US there are many company's who are afraid to use gmail or other "hosted" email services because they don't want to store their sensitive data in the hands of another company (or make it too easy for government to access without their knowledge).

    So there is a market for email servers that are essentially managed, but dedicated exclusively to each customer.
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