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    Database Question

    Hi guys,

    Getting to grips with my new cloud server (SSD optimized SAN storage with Xeon E5 processors. Hypervisor is Xen with deicated resources. Learning the ropes at the moment and when I feel confident will launch my web hosting business. I am using WHM and have installed mariaDB. Currently installing NGINX as a reverse proxy server.

    When I increase the size of my cloud server just before I launch my business my specs will be 8 cores, 16Gb RAM and 500Gb disk space raid 10. I can use this to create up to 4 virtual machines. Would there be any performance gains putting the database on its own virtual server? If so what specs would you recommend? Would a 100 mb connection negate using a separate server?

    At the moment this is currently a serious hobby and will not be a source of income for 18-24 months while I hopefully build up a viable business.

    Thanks in advance for any advice


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    Well maybe if you can dedicate some cores to the vm containing the DB.
    Isn't virtualization over virtualization a performance loss?

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    Standalone DB in a VM is easier to manage. Performance wise, you can set swappiness=0 which could otherwise be touchy on a full-stack server.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I have contacted my cloud provider to verify if it will improve/worsen overall performance.

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