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    Photos of your pets plz

    Put photos of your pets here plz including cats
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    Shiiiiit, I basically live on a farm.... here's just a few.
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    ah,the CAT man

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    Lovely Dogs & Cats!!!

    I think I must make a website to present all of my....

    35 cats & 8 dogs here is a pic of 4 of my kitties
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    35 cats and 8 dogs :O where you keep them? any special house u reserved for pets?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennylrosales View Post
    35 cats and 8 dogs :O where you keep them? any special house u reserved for pets?
    10 cats and the dogs are at our small farm and the rest of the cats at my house in the city. They are indoor/outdoor cats but have a fenced yard to keep them safe from cars.

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    My 2 dogs, Biscotti(larger male) and Luca(smaller female)
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    Upside Down Staffy!

    this is my EBT
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    our 3 little great danes
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