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The most experienced DDoS Mitigation Company in the industry, Staminus Communications has been offering DDoS Mitigation solutions since 1998. Filtering hundreds of DDoS attacks each day, thousands of clients all around the world ranging from small personal sites to enterprise sized business choose to host and protect their servers with Staminus.

Staminus' SecurePort DDoS Mitigation solution is powered by 3 patent pending technologies developed in-house by Staminus team of veteran network engineers. Powered by these technologies, SecurePort is the most affordable and effective DDoS Mitigation solution on the market. No unreliable and ineffective 3rd party DDoS mitigation solutions found here. Our DDoS Security works for ANY type of hosting, ranging from enterprise level mission critical business servers to personal websites and video game server hosting.

SecurePort - DDoS Mitigation

Protection includes, but not limited to:
-TCP Fragment
-TCP (SYN, etc.), ICMP, UDP Floods
-Malformed HTTP Header Attacks
-Slow-HTTP Request Attacks
-SYN Floods Against SSL Protocols
-Malfromed SSL Attacks
-SSL Renegotiation Attacks
-SSL Exhaustion (Single Source/Distributed Source)
-DNS Cache Poising Attacks
-DNS Request Flood
-SIP Request Floods
-Custom Attacks - Unique to your service
-Brute Force
-Connection Flood
-Spoofing / Non-Spoofed
-Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP + UDP flood
-Ping of Death
-Reflected ICMP and UDP
-Blackenergy, Darkness, YoYoDDoS, etc
-Common DoS/DDoS Tools
-Slowloris/Pyloris, Pucodex, Sockstress, ApacheKiller
-Voluntary Botnets
-Application Attacks
-Zero-day DDoS attacks
-DDoS attacks targeting Apache, Windows, or OpenBSD vulnerabilities
-We stop ALL DDoS attacks on all ports up to 99.9% effectiveness.

Additional Services Included with all DDoS Protection Packages:

-Immediate Setup Upon Verification
-Guaranteed SLA - 99.9%
-24/7 Support
-Attack Alerts
-Comprehensive Graphical Reporting
-Centralized Management including Country Filters and White listing

DDoS Pricing

Contact us via LiveChat or E-mail for these special prices!

1 Gbps / 200,000 PPS ==> $99/mo
5 Gbps / 1,000,000 PPS ==> $199/mo
10 Gbps / 2,000,000 PPS ==> $349/mo
20 Gbps / 4,000,000 PPS ==> $699
30+ Gbps ==> Contact Us!

Mitigation above 100 Gbps available

10 TB Clean Traffic Bandwidth

No Setup Fees

Please add $25/mo for Remote Protection


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