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    I Plan to per for a VPS Help

    Please, i don't know much of a VPS but i need one to start providing hosting services, please if anyone could help me with some things i need to have or software i need to have installed or how to install them.


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    Hi, as you don't need know much about VPS I would suggest starting with shared hosting reseller account or even vps reseller account.Then gradually learn about virtualization then start providing services on your own.

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    If you plan to sell hosting you will definitely need cpanel, or DirectAdmin at least.|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
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    ok, Thanks for the help.
    I'm still learning on running this and at this moment, i'm sure my clients will be little before growing.
    so what will be the best host that i can buy reseller account from.

    In your help, Please consider the cost per month, it should be little since i will be starting with no client, since it is my first time and it might take me two weeks just to setup my hosting website at my taste.
    Secondly, please consider a host that can have some additional features that will help me like the free domain reseller account etc, so when suggesting, you should consider a host that i will not need to spend additional money for my hosting company to be launched.

    Thanks very much for your help.

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    If you just thinking to start selling web hosting, consider Reseller Hosting.

    Reseller Hosting will let you sell hosting on your own brand name at very low cost and will require very low technical knowledge.
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    Whats the services you going to provide ? as your first post webhosting, vps etc ?
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