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    Question Possible to install ssl for multiple mail service domains using cpanel?


    Under the cpanel/WHM "Manage Service SSL Certificates" page, it is possible to install an ssl cert for exim/ftp/whm/cpanel, etc...

    The cert must be for the server's hostname.

    However, some customer's have asked if it's possible to install an ssl cert for their own domain name instead of the server's hostname. So they want to connect using their email program (and whm/cpanel, etc) using their own domain name (with ssl) instead of the server's hostname.

    Is that possible?
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    Yes this is very much possible.

    cPanel has settings to redirect the individual domains's ssl for the services (cpanel, whm, wemail)

    You will find this in tweak settings.

    If a domain has their own ssl installed so when accessing the service urls via the https of that domain it will open that url under the domain itself would not redirect to your hostname.

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