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    Angry EntroPay - stay away!

    I first heard about Entropay when I tried to buy Ryan air ticket (they gave a discount if using Entropay CC).
    I registered then transfered the necessary fund. Then back to Ryan air, the card could not process the payment.
    I tried contacted Entropay support but they couldn't figure out the problem.

    6 months later I tried to get my money back. They first charged me 6$ for a CC refund then told me the card doesn't support refund.
    I double checked with my bank. The CC was fine and did support the refund.
    I contacted them again and then they gently asked me to use their bank transfer service b.c I supposedly cancelled or renewed my card (which I didnt).
    The fee was now 15$ on the top of the 6$.

    To me it's look like they are pushing their customers to retrieve their fund via a bank transfer b.c of the fee they are charging for that.

    At the end I was only able to get my money back via a claim I filled against entopay (via my bank CC).

    So be aware and stay away. Entropay works great as long as you send them money. To get it back appears to be very complicate(and apparently very expensive).

    here's their reply:
    Unfortunately, we are unable to refund the balance to your bank card. When we try to return the
    money it generates an error on our system. This is normally because the bank card that made the initial load has expired and been renewed.
    If this is the case, we are unable to refund to an expired card, as per our terms of refund. May I kindly ask you to use our bank transfer service
    to return the funds to your bank card. There is a USD14.99 charge on each amount withdrawn from your EntroPay Virtual Card via bank transfer.
    The funds will be converted by your bank to your local currency.
    For any further charges please consult your bank. Bank transfers may take up to 7 business days to be processed due to banking clearances
    Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards Fiona EntroPay Support We would like to inform you that
    we have recently been given the following information regarding Bank Transfers in USD currency which may affect the amount you receive:
    All USD payments now go through the USA. Due to this routing there is a mandatory charge of between USD 10-20 taken by every cover/correspondent
    bank that is used. This is Government Legislation and we have no control over these fees.
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    Did you signup because of the Ryanair discount?

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