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    Advise in choosing hosting provider in Panama

    I need advise in choosing hosting provider in Panama. We are currently using Rackspace with DC in USA.

    Our general requirements are the following:

    1. Location - Panama
    2. DC with TIER 3 certification
    3. Hosting must provides dedicated servers
    4. A 24x7x365 Support Team. Replies to each support ticket within 1-2 hours.
    5. SLA on hardware replacement. X-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee (where x < 2 hours)
    6. Intel based servers, HP/IBM/SuperMicro would be preferred.
    7. Availability of IP KVM would be preferred

    Could anyone suggest premium hosting provider in Panama? As I see on the website of uptime institute - there is at least one DC TIER IV, but I can't find any providers in that DC.

    So any advise would be highly appreciated

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    RS it's a good hosting and a great support, but unfortunately we need to move to Panama. So in other words, is there its own "RackSpace" or something similar?

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    The only Panamanian provider that I know of is FortaTrust, and frankly I wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole. Too many people have reported really bad experiences with them.

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    I'm sure there should be other

    privatelayer unfortunately can't provide hardware according to our specs

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    Any more suggestion?

    Does anyone have any contact with ?

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