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    Dedicated Server Europe

    Looking for a dedicated server dedicated in europe. (Germany or France are prefered)

    Should have;

    Decent processor (Preferably Xeon e5 2600+)
    Atleast 16 GB Ram
    1 GBPS Connection.

    Budget is a few hundred dollars, but am ofcourse looking for the cheapest with these criterias met.

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    How much actual bandwidth would you need with the server?
    Can it be a shared port or you need a fixed one? - Online in no time
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    And do you need a managed or unmanaged server?
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    I've been using OneProviders France location. Not had any issues Technical wise, Support is alright considering the price too.

  5. Check out, their new lineup is great.
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    Internet ;)
    Can look here: & all two is very good providers

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    hi i would recommend you check

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    Quote Originally Posted by 24x7group View Post
    How much actual bandwidth would you need with the server?
    Can it be a shared port or you need a fixed one?
    I would also like to know that.

    Also, you mentioned you will go for the cheaper one. I suggest you re-think this. I could easily find you a very cheap provider who will offer you this but at the end of the day the level of service and quality will cost you.
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