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    how to setup calling card business

    i want to start a calling card voip business. Before starting i want to know the basics of it and how to setup up it.things required.calling location is India, Pakistan,Bangladesh.
    Can i know the basics and where to start

    can someone please help me

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    You could Readup on Elastic unified communications solution, which allows you to run a module that can be used to setup phone cards and billing. Take a look

    Or google VPS Elastix hosting and run it in the cloud.

    Elastix aims to bundle many of the applications that you may want to install alongside your telephone system. This includes a2billing (a call billing application), sugarcrm and vtigercrm, openfire and roundcube (a webmail application). Whilst installation of these applications is simplified with Elastix the applications included are not always the latest versions.
    Elastix has good documentation and there is also a great support forum where you can pick up lots of useful information.


    Caller ID
    Asterisk Web PBX
    Call recording
    Call forwarding
    IPTables firewall
    Conference calls
    Fail 2 Ban
    Call Queues
    Connect to multiple ITSPs
    IAX2 / SIP A2Billing
    IVR E-mail Server
    Call Detail Reports (CDRs)
    SugarCRM / vTigerCRM
    Call Center Module
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    what is the next step after setting up Elastix .
    how we are able to make present i am a re seller of voip discount,actionvoip i am totally noob in this field.
    can you help me to set up it.

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