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    paid advertising ideas and suggestions

    I am just wondering, where else can I look to spending for advertising for hosting services?

    One forum that I advertise on now, is digitalpoint, and what I love is:
    - I can choose which countries view my ads
    - i can choose which threads on the forum my ad shows for.
    - i only pay based on impressions and clicks
    - can set max daily spends etc etc.

    Other forums and sites seem to have flat rate advertising, like namepros, $5k for 1 month for top spot... but my ad will only appeal to a small market segment (not everyone that visits the forum)

    I just want to know, does any other forum have something like this in place, where I can target my ads to my target country?

    And no... do not suggest adwords. I am pausing all my adwords campaigns for the time being.

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    Facebook is great place for advertising.
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    Have you tried Twitter's ad platform?

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    That really depends on what he is targeting. But yes I agree, WHT & FB are probably the best for advertising. I would pay attention to Google Adwords too. Staff. Shared Web Hosting | Reseller Web Hosting | IRCD Hosting | psyBNC/sBNC/eggdrop/znc Hosting
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    Google AdWords
    Just for the amount of traffic
    And the way Google let's u manage keywords and campaign etc.
    U can be very specific or very general
    Wht is also a very good option as u directly target people related to hosting

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    ...but Google Adwords can be quite expensive, especially if you have the wrong keywords. Facebook Ads, like many have said are probably your best bet.
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    Look for smaller ad networks, especially those that offer CPA system, you can also join affiliate networks and let the affiliates do the advertising for you

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    Look to advertise on webmaster forums.

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    I suggest you try Google Adwords, as recently i found a coupon for $100 on online, of course i have spend $25, for that but that is for just to try out the system, and another where you will find right target audience is WHT.

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