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    Domain Names Spying

    This is a thread following one two years old named "Domain Names Spy". I opened a new one to get it more attention as I think would be very interesting to continue it.
    Just two weeks ago I got the same problem that Service11 got in the old thread. One very interesting domain name was bought just the next day after I was looking for its availability, and also through Godaddy like Service11. The key point here is that I´m sure that I didn´t use Godaddy to look for.
    Would be very interesting to know if the registration owner (EREZ ZION in this case) was the same one in the old case of Service11. Could Service11 look at Whois?.
    NOTE: I didn´t found any more info at internet about this type of problem (spy of domain names) but it seems obvious that it exists probably hidden.

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    I'm skeptical of claims like this as there is never any concrete evidence presented. What is the domain name? You didn't get it so it's OK to tell us.

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    I agreed with Techno, we cannot justify since no evidence about this.

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    Sorry to hear the domain's taken :-( Out of interest, what was the domain, telling us can't hurt.

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    There are lists of domain names about to expiry, expired and released (available for registration). This is a big business for many companies which just snap and reregister expired domains. The philosophy is simple, if a domain was registered by someone before, it might have some value. Plus, if some domains expires by lack of attention, the previous owner will want to rebuy it for a higher price...

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