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    * Can someone please advice where to host videos?


    I'm trying to figure out the best solution to host videos.

    I don't mean youtube etc.
    Its for business hosting, so no branding.

    Ideally it simply allows hot-linking so I can embed the video in my own player.

    What would my best option be?

    A paid video host such as Vimeo?
    Or something like hostmonster? That allows media streaming?

    Any other affordable options?
    Don't want amazon... too expensive

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I see a lot of businesses using Vimeo. Also do not under estimate YouTube as a business promotion method.
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    like what jordan site, why not use youtube?
    alternative you could use cheap vps provider, i wouldnt recommend use shred hosting for video hosting expect you only need small amount bandwith
    and avoid unlimited provider, keep in mind they usully have limit on their TOS

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    Wistia and Vimeo are two of the best options out there for affordable video hosting, I would definitely go this route over shared hosting. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    You really should use a dedicated service that specialises in videos. Nowadays you have to encode at least several different versions of a video (different sizes for different devices, HTML5 and Flash-compatible versions, etc) and that's a whole lot of boring admin work to do for each video when services exist to automate it all.

    YouTube might not be the best choice because as you point out, the branding is kind of intrusive. Vimeo is a popular choice and is probably the second least likely service to go bankrupt and disappear. Just be aware that their content guidelines are stricter than YouTube's, with things such as a complete ban on gaming videos.

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    Vimeo is really a great service. It doesn't have the intrusive branding and it is supported by more of the pro-filmmakers & designers -- not the vloggers and attention seekers on YouTube. A pro membership there is like $59 a year I believe and it opens you up to a whole bunch of other options.

    If you're looking to host it on your own site and servers, you'll likely need to find a VPS/dedi or FFmpeg hosting. You'd also need a script like ClipBucket or some sort of YouTube clone script.

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    for script check (php melody)

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    We use Vimeo for one of our projects. I like it quite a bit.
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    arvixe provides Streaming Audio/Video service on their webhosting service

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjamouse View Post

    I don't mean youtube etc.
    Its for business hosting, so no branding.
    Personally I think that using youtube to upload business videos is the equivalent of creating a facebook or twitter for business (its more than socially acceptable) and actually comes with many promotional benefits to you, along with helping you cut costs.

    I also believe you have the option of turning off ads from playing before your video plays.
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    I use PlayWire for my personal videos portal website and they are great and affordable.
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    I like Vimeo

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    Youtube is their rules. I can understand not wanting to play by their rules.

    Get a VPS for just uploading the videos. All it needs in nginx, and nothing else. It's just be a bandwidth and I/O user, and nothing else. Have the videos hotlinked from your own site. There are plenty of Youtube-like script, such as PHP Melody.
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