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    How configure an unmanaged dedicated server?


    I purchased an unmanaged dedicated server running on windows server 2008 x64..

    The server doesn't have any installed application at all ..
    What should I do to configure my server, and to start using PHP and MYSQL..

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    I'd harden it first before installing any outward facing applications.

    Change administrator account password to something secure. Implement a security policy. Create a new account with limited permissions to run your applications. Make sure your firewall is setup and configured.

    I assume you'll be using IIS, so download Web Platform Installer and that'll be the easiest way to install both PHP and MySQL in one fell swoop.

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    Install something like wamp or xampp and get a "production" php.ini settings file, run the mysql secure script and you'd be fine

    Or as said above, activate iis and install php and mysql using webinstaller. However you might run into problems with certain web apps due to iis if you have an application made for apache. The only reason I see for using iis is aspx applications and static html sites.

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    Why you choose windows server 2008 when you want to use PHP and MYSQL.
    You should better select a Linux (CentOS) server with cPanel. cPanel would cost you $25-30 extra, but that would make server management easy for you.
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    Thank you all for help ..

    I need windows hosting because I need COM class which is available only in the windows version of PHP..

    I installed xampp and got a production settings for php.ini ..

    I don't know how to do this :
    Implement a security policy. Create a new account with limited permissions to run your applications. Make sure your firewall is setup and configured.
    What about DNS ?
    And is there any other thing should I care?

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    it would better for you to pay server admin

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    Unfortunately, told me ( After payment) that they don't manage windows servers !

    Anyway, I don't care that at this time .. I need to learn how to configure it myself...

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    If you need to learn, do a bit of digging on the web. All these questions have been answered there before. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    Since you seem to have not much knowledge of server administration, it would have been good if you purchased MANAGED SERVER.

    Now that best option would be to hire a server admin.

    Good luck!

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    This place is a great source for help and learning but you definitely should go with a Managed Server or hire a sysadmin for this and teach yourself on a Project server, unless this server isn't important, especially on a Windows server. Just a suggestion since lots of people "try" utilizing an Unmanaged Server when they have no experience and then they get burned by their provider since the provider only will support so much.

    Also I just went through a mock purchase, they have management options clearly labeled during the check-out process so I'm not sure where the confusion was.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you all for your help

    I declined the server and I'm to purchase a new managed one..

    Thanks again

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    Go for a managed server since you are new at this. Also ask your hosting support to show you some tutorials too regarding the stuffs that they are going to do on your dedi.

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