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Turbo charge your WHM with Xtra Ultimate Pro Suite which adds over 160+ tools to WHM and cPanel, all of which can save you hours of time and tons of money when it comes to securing, repairing and managing your server. Works on any server with WHM/cPanel and installs with a single command!

Xtra can install FFMPEG, firewalls, ddos protection, create multiple accounts, clone your server config, search for illegal files or processes, monitor your server and much more. Browse the filesystem via one of our built in file managers, check memory and CPU usage and even get tips on improving your servers performance.

We've just released version 5.5. Recent changes/updates include:

Modified all our new scripts below to give options to scan multiple or all users rather than 1 at a time.

Updated FFMPEG installer with custom mods to ffmpeg-php to make it compatible with servers running php 5.4

New: Fix 777: Find and fix files/folders on users accounts that are improperly chmod to 777.

New: Fix Nobody Files: Find and fix user files/folders improperly owned by the “nobody” user.

New: Fix Root Files: Find and fix user files/folders improperly owned by root.

New: Find Installers: Find and remove install files/folders left over that users forget to remove. Removing them prevents attackers from abusing them to possibly hack the account or modify it’s files.

New: Find php.ini files: Find users with custom php.ini files that could open potential security holes by turning things like register globals etc on.

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