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    Do storms scare you?

    I have been afraid of thunderstorms ever since I was a little kid. I watched Twister to many times. Guess what? It is about to storm here in Cincinnati, OH. :-(. UGH! Severe too. Guess who doesn't have a basement?

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    We don't get much of storms here in southern California. However, when I feel a bit of a tremor, I immediately assess whether it's an earthquake that may warrant taking cover or just a big truck rolling by.
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    It's passed now. LOL. Just a bit of rain, which is fine. Loud noises give me anxiety attacks. Not sure why. Even a loud train going by scares me... Well maybe not scare, but, gives me anxiety I guess. It's hard to explain.

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    Lots of storms here in Oklahoma during the different seasons. It's tornado alley and every couple years or so we have a bad winter. But most of the providers here are protected. But it doesn't hurt to continually pray!
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    I love thunder storms. If it's not lightning a lot or close to the ground i'll sit in the window listen..

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