On behalf of Original Hosting I would like to wish everybody at Web Hosting Talk a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2013 has seen many improvements and successes for Original Hosting, one of the major points was upgrading our network so that downtime was a lot less likely, hence bettering our client experience.

For 2014 there are some exciting plans, such as moving into new worldwide locations such as India for example. We currently have US based servers with UK support, so one of our main priorities is getting UK based servers, as we are essentially a UK based business. A new site redesign is due along with this.

Reseller plans will also be introduced in early 2014, as we feel that when we enter into more locations around the world we will be providing more local people in those countries the opportunity to start their own hosting businesses.

SSDs are also planned to be introduced as addons to our current shared hosting packages, meaning that clients will have HDD as standard but for extra cost can upgrade to SSD if they wish.

Restructuring our site with both a new design and new network infrastructure is one major point we will be focusing on, as user experience is paramount. This aims to improve internal operations throughout the business so we can provide an even higher quality service to our clients.

Wishing good health to you and your families, and good luck with all of your websites and business ventures for 2014 on behalf of Original Hosting!