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    Post A second review of

    This is a second review of after being a customer for 50 days.

    in brief i can say:

    Good Points:

    * Very low prices.
    * Instant account activation.
    * Fast server aided by SSD storage and multiple GBps connections
    * They promise to provide the best security.
    * They try to help you as much as they can.
    * They are improving and providing better services day after day.
    * They provide a lot of addons for suitable price including WHMCS, cPanel / Plesk for VPS .

    Bad points:
    * No refunds.
    * They had 2 major stability issues + some minors ones within the last 50 days, those took a total of 30 hours but they claim those were caused by OS / cPanel related issues and they made their best to prevent such issues in future.
    * They still young and need time to proof their stability and services.

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    I've recently signed up for Dabuu as well, and can confirm most of Nileove's points; except for the instant activation one. I had to wait about an hour after paying to be able to do anything because they had to purchase more IP's first, which I guess caught them offguard (I received an apology letter after they did so, which explained the reason).

    I have some positives and some negatives to say about the service, which I will do in a real review later. In short though, it's pretty good, and a nice low price; they are generally friendly and helpful, and fast as far as support goes, however, I think they're a bit overzealous (paranoid even?) of security there in the sense that they cripple your account in some pretty important ways as far as being able to dev your site (i.e. no SSH at all, means no greps ... ouch!) as well as a couple of other things I'll mention in the real review later.

    All in all though, with just a couple of small changes it would be an excellent host, and for the most part I'm happy with them. So far I'd give them about an 8/10 rating.

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