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    Thumbs down Oneprovider no server setup after 10 days...

    I want to express my outrage with ONEPROVIDER.
    Support is just copy/past every answer after my questions.
    We ordered a server before 10 days, payed, and till today we even don`t get a clear answer when it will be ready. After the 3`th day we opened a case, and get the answer that we will get the server after 24h. 7 days later we have NOTHING.
    Opened a case [Ticket ID: 367439] on 13/12/13, and till today we got 24 replays telling us exactly every replay the same ****:

    -I am following up with the delivery team on the order related to the Invoice #xxxx. They will get back to you soon.
    - I transfer your request to the service delivery. Thank you for your patience.
    - We are sorry for the delay. The server should be online any moment. We will grant you a credit accordingly.
    - We apologize for the delay. Your server set should be completed as soon as possible. Once the server is setup one of the team members will get back to you with the login details.
    - I will contact the delivery team on this matter and try to get an ETA from them. They will get back to you shortly on this matter. Also, we will make the adjustment in your billing dates.
    - I am contacting the service delivery. Thank you for your patience.

    And server costs $175.00 USD, not the cheapest one.
    I`m writing here, because no one cares about our order, or even don`t have the option to escalet this case.
    We have a client who waits now more then 10 days for his server, and i`m not able to deliver, or even tell him what is going on, because ONEPROVIDER don`t care about this order. I`m not sure if i will get this server either.

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    Well, if you can't wait any longer, then better ask for cancellation and move on.
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    Had mine delivered within 3 days without any issues, their staff are usually very helpful.

    I believe you can request a refund for undelivered servers, so just do that.

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    Promised to deliver the server by tuesday.
    Guess what Still no server, even no answer on the tickets since i requested refund...

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    I am quite sure holiday period has something to do with it. I suggest you move on to another host. - Online in no time
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    5 days ago I bought a few servers. Although not exceed five days, the server did not deliver.

    Very poor service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huanito72 View Post
    Promised to deliver the server by tuesday.
    Guess what Still no server, even no answer on the tickets since i requested refund...
    Do a charge back
    Remember when ordering a server from a new company use a Credit Card. Paypal will not refund your money if you get scammed.

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    Been there.

    I know how you're feeling. About just a month ago i was in the same situation. Still haven't got a answer from them.

    I dont even expect to get an answer after so long time now.

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    Waiting for the day was 13.

    A very ugly company. No service, no support.

    No seriousness. Do not buy from this company server, purchased from another company.

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    To me it looks like scam.They don't want to deliver the server,they don't want to reply to the ticket and they don't want to refund as well.WTH is wrong with this company.
    Failure is success if we learn from it.

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