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    Angry anyone please help me [Skrill]

    Hi everyone, I finally won some money at Jackpot city on-line casino, gambling. I withdrew the money to skrill, as I had successfully withdrawn $600 from skrill before and found this site to be trustworthy. Skrill said they were doing an audit and asked for my photo id, and a copy of proof, I was who I said I was. I emailed all my details. They have since suspended my account which contains $17,000, my winnings. I can access my account, however, I cannot withdraw or upload funds. I have sent approximately 10 emails with no replies. This has been ongoing for 2 weeks and they have still not verified my bank account which I used previously. I have read reviews online that suggest Skrill is a fraud company and I am very upset by this.

    Please help me, does anyone know what I can do, I am from New Zealand and feel very helpless. I really need the money to help a family member who is unwell and thought this money would be my gift to her. Any suggestions would be greatly received. Many thanks for reading. xxx hug hug.

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    I've been using Skrill for about 3 years without any problems. To me they have been a totally legit and standup business. Sorry to hear you have problems with them. They don't respond well ( sometimes not at all ) to emails. Keep calling them, and you will get through. Good luck!

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    re skrill

    Thanks for your reply. Have you ever had a large amount of money in there like myself $17K? Lots of negative comments on line from people, however your post is promising. I will call them, slightly difficult from NZ as we are the opposite time zone!

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    Get in touch with a solicitor and file suit in the UK. If you have a legitimate claim to the money, then $17,000 is definitely worth filing suit over.

    I'd never keep that much money sitting in an online payment account. In the USA, transactions exceeding $10,000 guarantee scrutiny and oversight.

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    Personally I would wait with a lawsuit until I talked to them personally. They're known for being very tight on their security protocols, and when $17.000 suddenly dumps in to one of their accounts, it probably hit a red flag. They're are, as mentioned, also known for not being an email company, but they'll be happy to talk on the phone with you. I've never had more than $6000 in my Skrill account, and that was accumulated over some time. My guess is that they're trying to cover their butt, if something illegal is going on.

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    Please do keep us updated, it could be useful info for anyone using Skrill, and getting "hands" on some larger sum.

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    Angry Skrill

    I Have Similar Experiences With Skrill, They dont reply to emails most time, and my account also got freeze

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    I have contacted skrill by telephone. They apologised and again asked me if I had emailed the documentation which I assured them I had. They said my account should be cleared in a couple of days, that was 2 days ago, still no clearance, will keep my fingers crossed for after xmas. Many thanks for your your reponses, will keep you posted. Merry xmas.

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    Re: skrill

    Finally after contacting skrill again, they cleared my account over the phone. I have been able to withdraw all the money to my bank account thank goodness, however what a process! Wont use them again.

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    I have to wait three months to withdraw money I earned, so consider this fast They're a legit company with security features like Fort Knox - don't blame you for not using them again

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