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Thread: What do I do?

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    What do I do?

    I stuffed up the firewall settings on my dedicated server and I cannot access it through SSH to resolve it and the support ticket has been unanswered for the past four hours after my last response.

    The ticket is assigned to a specific person so maybe he's not at work anymore so should I just open another ticket over the issue or continue to wait?
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    If they have a phone number call them. if they have live chat facility, use it and ask them to resolve it as soon as possible. Or if the issue can be resolved by a server reboot ( if you haven't saved the iptables rule, it can be overridden by a reboot ), you can do it if they provide such an option. Else update the same ticket; I don't think open multiple ticket to the same department for the same issue is good. Also no reputed companies will assign tickets to a representative who isn't in shift. Do you have a managed server with them? If so, they should have to assist you. For undamaged servers, some companies do free service if you lost remote access to the server; some may charge it if it cannot be resolved by a remote and needs console login to your server.

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