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    My Personal Hosting Review

    As a dev I've ended up using Godaddy (several times, unfortunately), Bluehost, Hostpapa, Netfirms and winhost for clients, and had an account with dreamhost and later hawkhost for reselling.

    I know what I'm doing for the most part, and I need the latest stable php (5.4 currently), only a few gigs of space, and speed from both the scripts and the database.

    In general the biggest names in unlimited hosting are the same. They're slow, but with good support. If you have no idea what you're doing then by all means use godaddy (if you can stand their awful interface) or dreamhost. DreamHost was friendly but eventually I had to get out because it was just too slow. I actually tried a dreamhost vps because I got it on a discount, but the database was hosted on a shared server and was a serious bottleneck.

    Hawkhost was quite fast usually but had a persistent issue where pages simply hung for a few seconds on new requests. A friend who I recommended to them had exactly the same problem. Multiple websites and different computers confirmed it wasn't just me. Their support said they couldn't reproduce it so I moved away. Maybe it's been fixed since then, because it was really fast when it felt like it, so you could try a month or two and see.

    In the end CrocWeb has proven to be the fastest. They are by far the best choice I've seen. It's just damn fast, end of story. I currently host about 6 clients with them with no issues.

    So that I'm honest, there were some issues with them early on because their spam/security scripts were too aggressive and did actually ban me from my own server. My support ticket was answered within maybe 15 minutes and it was fixed. This happened again with their FTP banning me for too many concurrent transfers (despite the fact that my filezilla is properly configured) but another ticket and about 10 minute wait fixed that.

    Probably their aggressive counterspam (it banned me because I tried to post too many links in a forum post) and security measures are part of why they're so fast. Maybe they were testing something, I dunno. It hasn't happened in months.

    GJ CrocWeb. Don't you dare become too popular and oversell your servers like I know other guys end up doing.

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    It's great to hear that you're happy with CrocWeb. They enjoy a great reputation around here. I know it can be difficult trying to find the right provider, but it sounds like you've found it.

    Make sure you click the "report" button next to your post so the moderators can verify your domain.

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    Sorry, I can't find the rules for that. Do I just post my domain in the report box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frug View Post
    Sorry, I can't find the rules for that. Do I just post my domain in the report box?
    Using the report button will work like a charm.

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    Very good to hear that a seasoned veteran has given a valuable review on a host who clearly deserves to be heard. Thank you for the review - Reliable Shared, Reseller, and KVM VPS Hosting Services.
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