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    Having Dedicated Database server


    this is my first post in WHT, i am having few doubts in setting up servers for our in house ERP.
    i have thinking to setup the server
    2 linodes with 4 GB RAM ,8 CPU (4x priority)
    and one linode with 8GB RAM, 8 CPU (8x priority)

    4gb ram linode will be used as application server and 8gb ram will be used as database server.

    please guide me this setup is good to go? handling traffic, concurrent connection of 500 plus/second.


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    This look fine, but you need to make sure that you will have a gb bandwidth between the app and database server. Also use SSD storage for the database if you will have lots of queries. Faster the query read/write faster your application works. with 8CPU hardware you can run complex database queries without any issue but it will depend on the size of the database.

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    thanks, Natcoweb-Peter.

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