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    HostBill Server Email Template


    Anyone familiar with Hostbill here? We are moving to it and so far it is going well, but something is stumping us.

    Each server obviously has a hostname you enter when signing up. In the email template, it says:

    Hostname: {$service.domain}
    However, it is blank. There is also:

    But all that inserts is "Dedicated Servers."

    Any ideas how this works? Where can you set the hostname once the server is ordered? I don't see a field for it on the product page for that server.

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    For pre-configured plugins it is {$service.domain}

    If you made a component in the product in question edit that component and click advanced, there should be an email variable. Put is something like 'host-name' to make sure it doesn't overwrite anything that might be there already.

    Then in the email use {$}
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