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    Internet Infrastructure Coalition Statement on NSA Review Panel Recommendations

    Washington, DC – Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) Co-Founder and Board Chairman Christian Dawson today released the following statement discussing the recommendations put forth by the White House’s NSA review panel:

    “The right balance needs to be found between security and an open Internet, and the NSA review panel’s recommendations are a good step towards finding that balance.” said Dawson. “Companies that make up the Internet infrastructure industry face this challenge on a regular basis, and we’re grateful to the panel for taking the views of the tech community seriously. These recommendations, along with the USA Freedom Act which has bi-partisan support in both chambers of Congress, address the concerns the i2Coalition has been raising about the NSA’s surveillance program, and we encourage the President to accept them.”


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    You do realize how much damage this has done to the US hosting industry correct? Customers leaving in droves to overseas providers.

    Instead other providers in other countries are advertising how private and safe their services are to take some market using marketing gimmicks. This should be exposed, as some of these companies are in countries which have none privacy laws and their governments requests are worst than anything the NSA has ever done.

    This is what the Coalition should do. Research, educate and inform on how its not actually better in other places either.

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