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    do these domain names have potential?

    Hi all

    Me and my partner have been thinking of buying and selling domain names and wanted to know what you thought of the following domain names:

    Let me know your thoughts.


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    I can't think of much use for them, unless there's a company which could be narrowed down to an acronym which corresponds with the domain(s). If you haven't already, i wouldn't buy those domains for reselling.

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    Those names could be brandable. But selling them as brandable is indeed a tough job. Very rare that you could find an end user for that two domain names IMO. For a domainer, I don't think anybody would be interested in that. It's best to indulge in domain names that are related to products or services having commercial values.

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    Not a fan of them myself, if your selling domains your best of getting names you know will be popular.

    You need to have a read about Elliot Silver he owns: and makes loads of money on good domains.

    One of his domain blogs:
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    WHT isn't what it used to be… power changes people :]

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    Personally I dont see any serious value in these names.

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    it seems the mentioned domains can only have a potential only if they are developed with quality content and traffic. However right now they lack both of these two titles.

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