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    * Transfer to Auto-Pay?

    I am going to try to keep this as generic as possible about a situation that happened to me today.

    When I signed up for a service, there were two ways to pay. One way was automatic, the other way was manual. The automatic payment will send you an invoice, then charge your payment (card) a few minutes later ... 10 days before the due date. That part is ok.

    I specifically signed up for the manual pay. Email stating thus. A month later, I was hit with auto pay. Company (so far) cannot do anything about it.

    Is this normal in the web hosting industry? This is the first time I ran across this issue (transferred from manual pay to auto pay with no notice).
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    Do you mean the company charged you automatically via Auto Recurring?

    If yes, why not request it for manual payment?
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    First of all you are responsible for checking your billing information. May I ask you, what payment gateway did you used?

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    As mentioned in my post, I signed up for manual pay, not auto pay. An email confirms that choice

    The payment gateway was listed under Invoice as "Credit Card (Alternate)", according to the credit card statement, it's listed as 2CO.COM
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