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    Question Can you FTP from one hosting provider to another?

    Hi all, Well only a couple of days ago I jumped ship from Shared hosting with Fasthosts and have gone the VPS route with 1&1

    The shared hosting with Fasthosts is Cpanel.
    My 1&1 VPS is CentOS 6 with Plesk 11

    I have over 40GB of images (Client galleries) on the shared hosting which I need to move.
    Downloading them via FTP on my desktop and then FTP up to my VPS would take days. But if it has to be done then so be it.
    But.. Is there another way, Can I say install an FTP client on my VPS and tell it to download everything from my share hosting?

    I have unlimited bandwidth so worried there.
    If what I would like to do is possible can someone please point me in the right direction hopefully with instructions. I am completely new to Linux/CentOS and do not even know how to open these shell prompts I here people talk about LOL.
    So anythign Gui would be ace..

    Thanks for sounding dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukmdb View Post
    But.. Is there another way, Can I say install an FTP client on my VPS and tell it to download everything from my share hosting?
    Yes, you can as long as you have ssh access in your VPS.

    You can also download it to your VPS using wget via ftp.
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    Hi. Going to do my best to keep this as clear as possible as I don't use Plesk as often as I used to.

    As net mentioned, this can be done from the command line, provided you have SSH access as it seems you do.

    Are the galleries database driven or were they coded in HTML or another language? If they're simple HTML, or you only want to pull the images and nothing else, this can be done with a few simple commands.

    ^ Don't let this intimidate you if you're new to Linux. It's only to serve as an example. Either myself or someone here should be able to give you the specific commands, based on what exactly needs to be copied.

    Keep us posted!

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    Yup..wget mirroring is good option if you want to copy only static contents. But make sure your accounts hold enough bandwidth to transfer your data. Or use ftp:// instead of http:// ; still not sure whether they will count ftp traffic to your bandwidth usage. Or you can ask your shared host support to tar and possibly zip the image directory for you, so that you can import and untar it on your target machine. Not sure how much they can help as it is over 40GB ( definitely BIG for a shared hosting account )
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    Thank you all for the quick responses,
    Looks like I have some Google work and self teaching to do, First how to check SSH is on and how to access it
    Funny, I can write databases, create php scripts and html sites but never ever touched a Linux box in my life. ( I think this could be a long day)

    jfnllc, Thank you for the link, It has confused the hell out of me.
    so More Google coming my way.
    The galleries are database driven, however the galleries are stored at file level and not in the database, I have copied over all my scripts and the database. Changed the DNS setting for my domain nameserver and email details and the website is flying.
    I now just need to copy over the galleries keeping the same file structure.

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    Thanks all, Managed to start getting everything moving,
    The wget command is working like a dream.

    Just in case anyone does a search and wants to know how, then this is the command I used.

    wget -r --ftp-user=MYUSERNAME --ftp-password=MYPASSWORD*

    This copies the whole contents of my Gallery folder.

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    Why FTP when you can SCP? It's faster and secure

    Copy the file "foobar.txt" from a remote host to the local host

    Copy the file "foobar.txt" from the local host to a remote host
    Copy the directory "foo" from the local host to a remote host's directory "bar"

    Copy the file "foobar.txt" from remote host "" to remote host ""

    Copying the files "foo.txt" and "bar.txt" from the local host to your home directory on the remote host

    Source: www(.)hypexr(.)org/linux_scp_help.php

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxout View Post
    Why FTP when you can SCP? It's faster and secure...
    If he had shell access on the old host, which would be required, why bother with SCP when you can rsync? It's even faster then SCP.

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    Don't, there are better alternatives as the others already mentioned.

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